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Social Media Classes

You don’t need to be everywhere to be social. Our social media classes help businesses figure out how to create their social media strategy, which platforms to use, how to read your analytics and how to manage your social media or social media person. Millennials are not the only users using social media. You can hit any demographic if you know where to look. Contact us today to schedule a group or one on one class in the Southern California area. Let us share our secrets with you so you can be more successful.

Video Production

**Fact: YouTube Videos can rank higher than websites in general searches

**Fact: YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google

**Fact: Online video is exponentially increasing in popularity and is not slowing down anytime soon

Come to our partner in Upland and lets shoot your video in their brand new infinity wall studio. We can produce your video, distribute it and market it.

Online Marketing Audits

Need direction? We got you covered. We can provide you with an in-depth SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis of your online marketing strategy, where you stack against your competitors and suggestions on how to proceed. We look through everything, your website, Google Adwords, social media platforms, email strategy, even your online programs. Let us help you evaluate your strategy so we can save you time and money.